10 General Tips On Writing A Research Paper In The MLA Format

If you’re writing a paper in MLA, there is every possibility that you’re unfamiliar with a few things about the writing style. Below, we outline ten tips to guide you;

  1. Start on a blank page - This applies to all research papers you’re writing; you always need to start on a new/blank page.
  2. The margins should be set to one inch - to do this, try clicking the “view”, “format” or “layout” in the header bar. If you can’t find the margin settings in those three places, then you should locate your ruler and click it. You can never miss the margin settings in those four places.
  3. Setting font – for MLA, the font size should be set to 12 while the font style is set to Times New Roman. The reason we need to mention this is because older versions such as Office 2005 and Office 2003 are usually typically set to different styles.
  4. Next, ensure double spacing – instructors like double spacing not only because it is easier to read but because it gives them space to make comments if they need to. To set the spacing, go to “format” tab under “paragraph.”
  5. In the next step, you add a header – you must never submit work without a header. In MLA, the header is “justified to the right.” After adding a header, proceed to create page numbers.
  6. Add details to the header – some of things you need to add to your header include; your name, teacher’s name, your class, subject, and then date.
  7. Create a title – your title has its own marks. So, never submit your paper without a title. Moreover, ensure that the title appears at the very top of your paper.
  8. Quote and italicize as necessary – there are different ways of referencing your work. For large chunks of text from novels, TV shows, movies, etc, italicize. For lesser pieces of text from sources such as episodes of a TV show, use quotations.
  9. Be careful with your quotations – introduce, insert, document, and analyze each quotation. Get help from this company. At the end of the day, you need to convince your instructor or professor that the quote is meaningful and that it adds value to your work.
  10. Check the final copy in the print preview section – if it appears correct, you can start rejoicing. Otherwise, make the necessary corrections.

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