5 Things Worth Mentioning In Your Research Paper On Core Concepts Across Nursing Theories

When studying to be a nurse, most individuals will take part in a range of practical courses and activities, to help improve their skills. However, you will most likely need to also complete a wide range of written academic work, such as research papers. For example, you might need to discuss the core concepts relating to nursing theories. If this is the case, then you may wish to consider mentioning the following five topics.

  1. Discussing the best practices relating to bandaging patients
  2. One of the most important parts of a nurse’s job is learning how to bandage and dress wounds. This can involve the initial bandaging and dressing of worms when a patient first enters a hospital, as well as changing dressings and bandaging during the healing process. It is important to ensure that things are sterilized properly and that the dressings and bandages are applied as effectively as possible, so as to minimize any risk of infection, whilst maximizing the chances of a quick and effective healing process.

  3. Understanding how to be sympathetic to patients and their relatives
  4. As well as understanding various medical procedures that might need to be undertaken during the course of a normal day for a nurse, it is worth remembering that nurses also need to be sympathetic to injured patients, as well as concerned relatives. Learning how to do with people on a personal level is an important part of the nursing profession.

    3. Spotting the difference between actual and imagined conditions

    Of course, not everyone that asked to see a nurse will necessarily require medical attention. Inevitably, in time to time, nurses will come across hypochondriacs. Whilst it is important to assess each individual, so as to ensure that they get any medical attention they need, it is also important not to waste time on individuals who have actually got any genuine conditions that need seeing to.

  5. Working alongside doctors and other people to give the best care
  6. as part of a team in a hospital or doctor’s surgery, it is important that nurses understand the requirements of those around them, and are able to give the best possible care.

  7. Administering injections and drugs and how to avoid mistakes
  8. Finally, an important part of nursing involves administering injections and giving patients any drugs to help them heal. As with any medication, it is essential that doses are followed and procedures take place in a controlled manner. Learning how to do this correctly is essential to minimize any chances of complications.

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