A Detailed Tutorial On Formatting An APA Research Paper

There will be many projects that use this kind of style, so it’s worth your time to learn how to do it now, and then you will be ahead on the other essays. Usually, APA is used for citations and formats in areas of social science, but can be for other fields of study as well. Keep reading the sections below for the different elements you have to include when doing this type of school work.

General format for APA papers

The entire assignment needs to be double spaced, on standard size paper along with one inch margins all around the text. This is easy to do in your favorite word processing software. Make sure you use an easily readable font, such as the recommended Times New Roman at 12pt size. You will also need a header or running head on each page that includes page numbers at the right corner and your title in the left corner in all caps. If your title is long, use a short version no longer than 50 characters, which includes spaces and punctuation.

Major sections for APA style

There are four you need to know about: title page, abstract, the main body, and references. The main body will be the format of the general rules above, and the references are discussed below, for citations. As for the first two, here are the specifics you need to know that are unique to these pages:

  1. Title page: center your title in the upper half of the page, followed by the author’s full name (but exclude titles), followed by the university’s name
  2. Abstract: on the next page, center the word Abstract and then write a summary of all your points of research, showing questions, results, methods, analysis of data and possibly future results connected with your findings

Listing citations in APA format

At the very end of your project, you need to put all your resources and research used, and there is a certain format for that. Here’s an example:

Author’s names. Title of Article or Website. Retrieved from (web address)

It’s important to list these sources so that the professor marking your assignment can see you did your work and they can follow up on reading more about the topic as well. In the future if you ever want to get an academic piece published, your peers and fellow scholars will want to see the research as well.

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