How To Come Up With Good World History Research Paper Topics

Since the world history is an incredibly captivating study, many students prefer writing their academic papers on this subject. However, choosing a good topic is not an easy task as it might require some decent knowledge in history, as well as a good deal of creativity.

Choosing a Good History Research Paper Topic

Not to feel overwhelmed by tons of historical facts you can write about, some basic things should be considered when choosing the topic for your paper. Try to answer the following questions before you decide on a certain topic:

  • Is it manageable?
  • Even a comparatively short historical period may contain plenty of facts and events so make sure the topic of your investigation is not too broad. Try to discuss the facts you want to explore with your tutor in order not to focus on too many things.

  • Do you have enough material?
  • Check whether you have enough resources for your paper, as well as consider their availability. Try to avoid topics which are too popular as this may put and additional strain on library resources, as well as be careful with obscure topics while those may result in similar resource issues.

  • Are you interested in the topic?
  • It is highly advisable to write about the things you are interested in. Such an approach will provide you with additional motivation and will allow showing your personal attitude to the historical fact or the event you explore. Many students mistakenly choose topics which they think would be interesting for their tutors. However, you shouldn’t forget that the greatest intention of any instructor is to arouse your natural interest in the subject.

15 Interesting Research Paper Topics on World History

  1. The historical eras overview.
  2. The reasons of the major world wars.
  3. The Cold War: what caused the conflict between the West and the East?
  4. Great Depression in the US: the greatest economic downfall of the 20th century.
  5. The pioneers of the New World discoveries.
  6. The history of the Middle East conflicts of the 20th century.
  7. European integration: the greatest challenge for European nations of the 21st century.
  8. The digital age: the present and the future of the technological progress.
  9. The World War II: how did it change the face of the modern world?
  10. The rise and the fall of the greatest ancient empires.
  11. China: the evolution of one of the greatest economies of the 21st century.
  12. The most outstanding American presidents.
  13. Egyptian pyramids: the greatest discovery or the biggest enigma?
  14. How has slavery changed the world history?
  15. Bombing Hiroshima: will humanity survive a nuclear war?

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