Five Little Tricks For Creating Good Leads For A Research Paper

The lead of a paper, also known as the introduction or beginning, will show the reader where you are going with this writing project. Good leads will grab the attention of the reader and intrigue them enough to want to keep reading. If you keep reading this article, you will find out some of the best ways to hook the reader and create an interesting introduction. Depending on your essay requirements, you may not be able to use any of the ideas here because some of them won’t work for certain projects. You should experiment with writing some of these until you find one that fits.

Ways of writing your paper introduction

  1. Open with an interesting question.
  2. Example: if writing about survival alone in the wild, ask a question that makes the reader think—what would they do if they were in that position?

  3. Use a riddle that the reader will be able to find the answer to if they keep reading.
  4. Example: find something related to your topic that is intriguing enough for the reader to not know the answer and want to know it.

  5. Announce something.
  6. Make a claim or tell the reader something important. Just don’t start out with “I’m going to tell you...” because you can just write the sentence as is.

  7. Write a challenge or bold statement.
  8. This catches attention because it will often cause people to disagree with you and want to read on to find out why you are saying that.

  9. Quote a famous person.
  10. As long as you put quotations around the quote and credit the right person for it, you can quote anyone that said something related to your topic. Take care to choose the right quote for announcing to, challenging or intriguing your readers.

With some of those lead ideas, you will be sure to pick the right one and craft an amazing introduction for your homework. Think about each one related to your assignment topic and what your teacher expects from you. It can also be a good idea to get a friend’s opinion on your opening before you hand it in, to see if it works. Another person can often see mistakes or awkward sentences that you cannot because you know how it was supposed to sound in your head, but it doesn’t always come out as neatly in words written down.

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