Picking Up Brilliant Topics For A College Research Paper On Writer’s Biography

Quite frequently when taking an English class the professor will want you to know more about the author. You may be assigned to write a writer’s bibliography. There will be a format given to you by the teacher. You will not necessarily be looking for where the writer went to school and what color his or her hair was, but looking for things that may have inspired or impacted the writer and his craft. We can help you with picking up brilliant topics for a college research paper on writer’s biography.

Ideas for Brilliant Topics

  • The Big Event-focus on a big event in the writer’s life that provided inspiration. An example of this was when Hemingway’s heart was broken by Agnes, and he wrote a novel about it or when he moved to Cuba and met a fisherman and composed The Old Man and the Sea.
  • The Great Influence-look for people, sometimes other writers, who have influenced your author. These influences can result in style mirroring or genre selections.
  • I’m Poor-look for the persistent writer who proved that you can go to 50 agents or publishers and not have success, but number 51 just might be the one who takes a chance on him or her.
  • Mental Imperfections and Literary Perfects-many writers wear their emotions on their sleeves; this is what makes them so good at their craft. However, the pressures of always tapping into creative emotions can take a toll on a writer and result in a meltdown. Sometimes the writers recover and other times, they do not. You could look at one or two authors who have had mental issues and write about these events.
  • The Married Writers-many writers are married to other authors such as Stephen King. It is interesting to explore these dynamics, whether the relationship has survived, and what happens if one of them is far more successfully than the other. An author from the past who has a troubled marriage to an author could be F. Scott Fitzgerald. These complex relationships are fun to research and to write about in a biography.
  • Did he Really Write it-some authors such as Shakespeare have been accused on not writing the work attributed to them. You could play detective and look into this situation. Other writer’s spouses have been rumored to be the author of the selections such as Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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