Looking For Research Paper Outline Examples For Middle School

Research outlines are the base of writing. Such paper outline examples are a prerequisite of any A+ assignment. These serve as guidelines while making the job of students exceptionally easy. They can turn even difficult essays into easy one. Students can write in most efficient manner even if they have not covered such topics earlier.

When you are provided a subject, then brainstorm for the ideas and think for the topic that catches public interest. Ensure that the topic is of your interest. It should be relevant and appealing to the audience. Furthermore, go through all the guidelines asked by your professor and follow his format style. This step is highly significant.

Some tips to consider while looking for research paper outline examples-

First level heading and the second level heading:

To create an effective outline you should follow the rules of capitalization which includes the first level heading and the second level heading. In the first level heading, the information is presented using capital letters whereas in the second or third level headings, the information is present in lower case letters only. Highlight both the headings. Follow only such research paper outline examples where you find this thumb of rule.

Parallel structure of writing in heading and subheading:

Ensure that when you write the first and second level headings, it has verb it in. Furthermore, write in present tense.


  • I. Pick preferred colleges
  • II. Write an application

Coordination: The significance of all the first level headings should be of same level. Similarly, the importance of the secondary headings should be same too. Remember, the primary headings should look more significant than the secondary headings.

  • I. Go and evaluate the campus college
  • II. Evaluate their websites
  • A. Collect important statistics
  • B. Find interesting informative classes.

Here visiting the campus and taking a look at online websites are of same level. On the other hand looking at the statistics and the classes are part of the process carried out in primary heading topics.

Subordination: The primary information should be general while the information in the secondary heading should be precisely specific. Example-

  • I. Discuss your ideal person
  • A. Mahatma Gandhi
  • B. Your Father
  • ‘A’ and’ B’ are specific examples from general category.

Division: Remember, each heading should be categorized into minimally 2 or more than 2 parts.

  • I. Collect Resume
  • A. List the pertinent coursework
  • B. Have a look at the work experience
  • C. List all the volunteer experience in the pertinent field.

Technically, you can have any number of subheadings, however if you have too many, combine some of them to keep the content crisp and in limit.

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