Things To Discuss In A Research Paper About Lowering Drinking Age

The issue about lowering the drinking age in America is one that attracts lots of attention. All 50 states in America have 21 years as the minimal bar. When considering a research paper on this issue, it is important to review the debate on whether the drinking age should be lowered, the position of the law, prevailing data on the drinking population as well as the pros and cons associated with the decision.

  1. Should the drinking age be lowered?
  2. The basis needs to be considered for reducing the drinking age. While in reality there are incidences of underage thinking, the hard data to look at for reducing the drinking age to 18, needs to be evaluated. Moreover, the need to accentuate the fact that binge drinking for many youngsters is a rite of passage needs thorough evaluation.

  3. Current Position of the Law
  4. The law that presently obtains was passed over 30 years ago and is enforced across the country’s 50 states. The law was passed to reduce the carnage caused by drunken youngsters on the highway. What needs the critical review here is whether proper education can be a worthwhile option to consider when reducing the drinking age. Has prohibition curtailed sale of alcohol to under-agers? Instead of dodging the long arms of the law, can there be better options for youngsters?

    Alcohol addiction is considered to be a public safety menace, and young adults are easily the worst offenders. This argument could serve as a worthwhile reason to argue against lowering the drinking age.

  5. Prevailing Data
  6. National surveys across the country show that while up to 66 % of 12th graders use alcohol, up to 27% are already guilty of alcohol consumption by 8th grade. What are the underlying reasons for this level of drinking and what are the associated outcomes? A thorough look at these needs evaluation when writing the research paper. Legal troubles, family feud, violent behaviors and irresponsible sexual actions are all to be traced to binge drinking.

  7. Pros and Cons
  8. The advantages and disadvantages of lowering the drinking age need to be weighed side by side. Will lowering the age lead to more risky outcomes? Are there mitigating factors that can be substantiated if lowering the age is to be considered?

On the whole, if the perception of risk will reduce with dropping the age bar then prevalence might spiral. This idea needs to be highlighted in the research paper on lowering the drinking age.

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