Basic Tips On Formatting A Header For An APA Research Paper

APA style is the formatting style of American Psychological Association and a student must follow the style as per this system when required to submit an APA research paper. Headers are very important and the very first thing that are noticed by the reader. Most students either do not include a running head also known as page header or the running head was incorrectly formatted. It is also important to include the page number in the correct manner.

Here are some of the basic tips on formatting a header for an APA research paper:

  • Running headers should not exceed 50 characters which includes space and punctuation marks.
  • Remember it is only the shorter version of the title.
  • Times New Roman font in 12 pts should be used.
  • Leave a margin of 1 inch on all sides.
  • At the top of each and every page should be the page header.
  • Page numbers should be flush right.
  • Next, title of the write-up should be typed and only in all caps. It should be flush left.
  • It is advisable to create the header and the page numbers before you start the actual writing.
  • Proper formatting method should be used.

Each and every element mentioned above is important and confirms to the correct method of APA formatting. While writing a write-up in APA style, the students must have a checklist handy. There are several available online. First, it is important to learn about the APA style properly from a proper source. It is important because it requires the students to write every element of the write-up in a particular way and every step is important because it is directly connected to the grades. Proper knowledge of the APA style helps avoid mistakes.

Although, a student can work hard to collect the best possible information bite thorough work in yet, writing in the correct style is equally important to be able to get the best grades. One cannot ignore writing in correct style, which most students do.

Header, which is to be written at the top of every page, and any error in formatting in the first page leads to an error in every page. Make sure you take care of this and little but important part of your writing. Buy just following the correct APA style, you can get easily and also impress your teacher or guide.

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