How To Cite Facts In A Research Paper: 9 Fundamental Instructions

Your research paper is a culmination of all you have learnt during your course and how you plan to improve upon the existing knowledge of the subject. This means that every students considers their paper to be extremely crucial and they would not want to do anything that could jeopardize their chances of success. However, one factor that they should be extremely wary of is plagiarism. This means that they cannot represent any ideas, concepts, words and thoughts of others as their own for the benefit of their work. This constitutes cheating and that is actually detrimental to the overall success of the student. This is the reason why citations are so essential and their inclusion in your paper showcases that you are giving due credit to the original source. Here’s what you need to know about the process:

Important tips to consider when citing facts in paper

  1. No matter how significant the content is, if you have taken any thoughts and ideas from external sources, you need to include that information through the means of in-text citations.
  2. Citation of facts is highly essential and there are only a handful of instances when you are not required to cite all of your facts. This includes the times when you have written your own original thoughts, words, ideas and concepts in the paper. Moreover, it is not important to cite details that are common knowledge to the public.
  3. Facts can be found in different sources, and they include common sayings as well as objects or actions that can be observed easily.
  4. Get in touch with your instructor first in order to learn which style formatting you need to follow during the citation of facts in your paper.
  5. Citing your facts means that you are acknowledging all of them people whose ideas and words are included in your paper. You should refrain from plagiarising other works and be sure to state which sources the material included in your paper comes from.
  6. It is important to make an active effort to stick to the guidelines that have been stated by your institution. This is generic and you do not have to make any sort of active effort to separate your ideas from other people’s.
  7. It is possible to make your argument stronger through the use of supporting evidence sourced from various sources and facts.
  8. You must make it possible for people to gain extra details about your topic of discussion and then make them read your work to verify its claims.
  9. Check with the official citation manuals on a regular basis to find out if there have been any kind of changes to the process of citing facts in your research paper.

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