Helpful Tutorial On A Proper Computer Science Research Paper Structure

One of the most important aspects of writing a paper in computer science is make sure you include all of the right parts and have them in the correct order. You might have just finished the best computer science research paper in your life, but if it is poorly structured you will certainly receive a lower score on the assignment than all your hard work deserves. Here’s a helpful tutorial on the proper computer science research paper structure:


The abstract is small section that comes before the main research paper that summarizes the main discussion in a short paragraph usually no more than 250 words long. It’s an important tool researchers use to determine if a research paper is helpful to their own studies.


Usually, students wait until they’ve written the rest of the research paper before writing the introduction. Whether you follow this strategy, the introduction should provide a general presentation of the study, outline questions and a need to answer those questions, and a thesis statement or hypothesis.


All computer science research papers should include a methods section where you do a direct and clear run-down of the exact methodology and design you have used to perform your study. The precise methodology will vary depending on the exact type of study or experiment you are conducting.


This is perhaps the most variable part of any computer science research paper as it entirely depends on the results and goals of the specific study conducted. It should provide the results exactly as they are, without any interjection or interpretation on your part. If a researcher were to copy your study exactly then the same results should come up.


This is the section of the computer science research paper where you finally get to elaborate and provide your thoughts on the study and the results. Your interpretations should answer what you think went right and went wrong. It’s vital that every part of the discussion relates in some way to the thesis statement from your introduction.


This section should build on the previous and try to connect your discovery to other research areas in computer science and explain the larger implications of your work. The length of this section will vary depending on the size of your study.


Finally, every research paper should include a reference list that documents all the resources you have used in your study. This section should follow the correct formatting style for computer science and be accurate for other researchers to verify work.

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