Composing A Decent Science Fair Research Paper With A Table Contents

Science fair research papers are extremely competitive. You need a captivating paper that leaves an impression in the minds of the panel or readers. The table of contents acts as a guide to enable readers to know the specifics of your content. Based on the table of contents, a reader can decide on the areas to pick or whether to abandon the paper. How do you compose a decent paper with table of content?

What is Your Topic?

The topic informs your table of content. There should be a relationship between the topic or title of your paper and the subtopics or subheadings forming the table of content. This table indicates the points used to expound on your topic. When selecting the topic, ensure that it has sufficient and dynamic content. A topic whose content is restrictive may prove difficult to work on since there are no ideas to expound.

Look for a Sample

A sample directs you on how to craft your table of content. It allows you to imitate the table on the sample. When using a sample to form the table of contents, take note of unique instructions regarding sections and subtopics issued by your tutor. These instructions determine the appearance of your table. Some sections in the sample may be omitted while others are added.

Take note of the order in which different sections like acknowledgement, dedication, abstract, etc appear. The appearance of your research paper should also correspond with what the table of contents says. The pages should be accurately represented. Use different fonts and formatting features to differentiate main sections and subsections. The text should be legible and clear.

The Table Comes Last

The table of contents appears at the beginning of your paper but it should be written among the last tasks. This allows you to capture all sections, topics and subtopics in the order they appears in your paper. Word processing applications automatically generate table of contents, but it should be reviewed to ensure that it is properly aligned.

Check on Formatting

The presentation of table of contents gives an idea of how your paper has been handled. The formatting should be consistent with the entire paper. This includes font sizes, type and spacing. A presentable table of contents is attractive to read.

The table of contents in a research paper informs the reader on what is captured in different pages. In a science fair, the panel uses the table to determine what is covered in your paper. Ensure that it is clear and representative of your content.

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