How To Write A Good Research Paper In The APA Format – Expert Tips

One of the instructions to be taken extremely serious on research papers is the formatting style. In most cases, the institution has a formatting style that is used. However, the teacher may issue a different style with each assignment. Failure to follow these instructions will lead to hefty penalties.

The formatting style used must be consistent throughout the paper. It should be followed religiously to avoid confusion. Two formatting styles cannot be used in a single paper because they will confuse the reader. It is therefore important to understand different formatting styles and the rules that govern each. Consistency and adherence to rules enable a reader to focus on the content instead of formatting.

Here are the rules of APA format that guide the formatting of your research paper. Some of them are strict while others can be relaxed or altered by your tutor.

  • Your paper must contain a title page. The details to be included in the title page are the name of the author, institution or affiliation and the title of the paper. The page header is flushed left with the page numbers appearing on the right. The title of your paper should be typed in capital letters.
  • The citation format for different sources differs. This means that when the details you provide when citing a book will be different from those provided for a website. However, it is upon you to ensure that you include all the materials and information that will make it easier for a reader to trace the information.
  • A margin of one inch should be left on all sides. APA uses five levels of headings. They must be used concurrently to ensure consistency and avoid confusion. The numbering of headings will depend on the complexity of your work.
  • The first section of your paper should never be regarded as “Introduction”. The assumption is that the information appearing at the beginning is the introduction. This means that the paper runs without unnecessary breaks and headlines.
  • The font use should regular and easy to identify in bold, italics or underlined. There are instances you will be required to use these variations. A font that cannot be recognized will cause problems.

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