23 Unique Ideas For Your High School Senior Research Paper

Writing an academic paper means working with a great deal of information on the subject of your investigation. This is a time-consuming task which requires plenty of knowledge as well as some dedication.

Where to Search for High School Senior Research Paper Ideas

If you don’t have a single idea on the topic for your high school investigation, try to think of the places where you can get help on this issue. There are plenty of options if you need to brainstorm some new ideas:

  • Consult your scientific supervisor.
  • That’s probably the best way to get some fresh ideas for your writing. Besides, your tutor can always help you with any other questions you might have as you proceed with your investigation.

  • Check at the library.
  • In this way, you can stimulate some fresh thinking by reading the similar works produced by other authors. Although this won’t give you the topic for your writing instantly, it will surely help you develop some new vision.

  • Go online.
  • As long as you have access to the Internet, you have an endless source of information and inspiration. Finally, if you don’t feel like doing something yourself, you can always opt for one of those online writing services to get professional assistance in your high school research paper idea search.

23 Great Topics for Your High School Senior Research Paper

Here are some topics for your high school senior research paper which you may find useful:

  1. The North Pole pioneers: who were these people?
  2. Bodybuilding: pros and cons of steroid use.
  3. Global warming: the instant risks of World Ocean rise.
  4. Sustainable development: the problem of hunger in the African nations.
  5. Aerospace era: the importance of the moon landing.
  6. The advantages and the risks of nuclear power.
  7. The rise and the fall of communism in Eastern Europe.
  8. Is Internet censorship a threat to democracy?
  9. Hybrid engines: will low consumption cause the end of the carbon era?
  10. How the modern video games affect young generation.
  11. War veterans: getting back into the society.
  12. The music industry and digital downloading.
  13. Texting at school: how do the technologies alter the way young people communicate with each other?
  14. The endangered wildlife: will this century be the last one for hundreds of animal species?
  15. How does smoking affect the human body?
  16. Safe driving: 10 facts every teenager should know.
  17. GPS systems: how do we benefit from them?
  18. World Ocean: the major threats of the present-day.
  19. Polar icebergs: what will happen to our planet when the Greenland’s ice melts down?
  20. City wildlife: why do some animals get used to the human environment?
  21. What are the circumstances surrounding the disaster on 9/11?
  22. World terrorism: can we rebuff this threat effectively?
  23. Why do many high school students refuse to do their homework?

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