What Is The Difference Between Research Paper And Literary Analysis

In order to understand the difference between a research paper and a literary analysis, it can be useful to have a reasonable understanding of what these two academic styles required. Once you have a basic understanding, you can start to appreciate the subtle differences between these styles.

Of course, if you have written one of the start before, then you might have a reasonable understanding of the particular technique, but you may be wondering how similar or different the other one is if you need to use that style for your latest piece of work.

The basic aims of a research paper

The basic aims for this style of writing a relatively straightforward: essentially, you will be trying to gather as much information and data about a particular topic so as to discuss it in greater detail. You will be providing the reader with the information that you discover about the topic in a suitable an appropriate manner.

The basic aims of a literary analysis

A literary analysis will still require you to find out as much about the topic as possible - generally some form of literature - but rather than simply relaying the information to the reader, you will take more of an analytical approach. To be fair, there is a certain degree of analysis involved in the other form of writing, but a literary analysis will often involve you making judgments of your own to a greater extent.

Creating your own conclusions compared to basing them on pre-existing knowledge

As mentioned, not only will you be analyzing the results, but you will be drawing more subjective conclusions based on what you have written when it comes to writing a literary analysis - having said that, both conclusions for either style will generally require some sort of thinking and personal perspective on the subject, even if it is backed up with objective evidence.

Throughout the main body of the work, as well as to some extent within the conclusion, you will generally be referring to quotes, themes, characters and other important details related to literature as part of your analysis, where’s the other style of academic writing might involve exciting a variety of different sources that you have discovered during the information gathering stage.

Of course, if you have any further questions then one of the best options available to you is to simply speak to your teacher for further advice.

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