Helpful Guide For Writing An Academic Research Paper Using APA FormatĀ 

Academic research writing is very much a common evaluation standard today, which is used to assess both the understanding of the student with respect to a particular topic. Academic writing helps students understand concepts and search for relevant information on a topic, thereby making the students develop a sense of appreciation for the knowledge acquiring and preparation process.

When it comes to a research paper, references are important. There are numerous referencing styles like Harvard, APA and MLA. Similarly there are different styles of writing a research paper as well. When you are given a paper to write, you will also be given specific instructions as to what kind of referencing or style of writing should be done for the same.

The APA format like every other format has a particular set of guidelines that needs to be followed. The APA format stands for American Psychological Association and is one commonly popular formats used with respect to social science papers.

The most basic rules of writing in APA format are as follows

APA format highly recommends that in the essay you are writing must be typed using Times New Roman font and of 12 pt size(you can use any font you want to but make sure to use something that is readable and clear). The entire content must be double-spaced. And for taking print-outs, standard-sized paper (8.5" x 11") with 1" margins is most suitable for this format. Include a page header or a running header at the top of every page(placed at right hand corner). The word limit of the page header must not exceed 50 characters, inclusive of punctuations and spacing.


There are a few guidelines toned to keep in mind, the first of which are the fonts, font size, margin and page headers are as discussed above. The next set has got to primarily with the kind of voice you need to use when writing the report. APA format says active voice is best, since it gives you the added advantage of being impersonal. Which help you a great deal in writing the social science papers. Next comes the order that is to be maintained when writing in this format. It is as follows, first will be the Title Page, followed by the Abstract, then the Body, References, Appendices, Footnotes, Tables and lastly the Figures.

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